Butterfly Damper

The butterfly or wafer damper can be a stack damper where leakage is not all-important. This type has also been tried as an isolating damper for flue-gas scrubbers. The butterfly damper is lightweight, simple, quickly actuated, and often comparatively low in cost. Its frame shape is a handicap in power plant work, however, where much ducting is rectangular. In process work, oval shapes adapt to that shape of duct, but conversion of a round butterfly to a rectangular one results in a louver damper. Occasionally, a double-disc butterfly appears, resembling a circular two-bladed louver damper.

Disadvantages of the butterfly damper include high leakage, blade flutter, tendency of the blade to warp, and large clearance needs for the open blade. The frame of most butterfly dampers is light, so twisting and distortion are dangers.

Most butterfly blades or discs are flat and single-thickness, so reinforcement is necessary for pressurized duct service. Either angles or simple bars on edge will stiffen the plate. Welding of the reinforcing can warp the plate badly, requiring straightening. Another disadvantage of reinforcing is the flow resistance it causes when the damper is open. Seals for the butterfly damper are usually simple, either flat metal-on-metal, or a soft seat resembling a tadpole gasket.

The drive for a butterfly damper is also simple, needing only 90° of motion. The torque requirement can vary widely over damper life, if corrosion and thermal effects are severe. Electric motors, air cylinders, and oil cylinders are able to actuate butterfly dampers with little difficulty

Damper Butterfly Valve Details

  • Seat 1.1/2"-140" (40mm-3500mm)
  • Centric Disc CI/MS/SGI/WCB /SS 304/SS316/SS316lL
  • Body Up to -50 TO 600° C
  • Oper. Temp Up to -50 TO 600° C
  • Working PressurUp to 2 Kg/Cm² TO 10 Kg/Cm²
  • End Connection Wafer Type / Flanged End

High Temperature Dampers

Fostered by a team of engineers, we have been able to bring forth the best-in-class High Temperature Dampers.Designed to perfection, these offered products are in compliance with the defined parameters of the industry. These precision engineered products are able to meet working demands in high temperature applications. The offered products are made available with water cooled/air cooled disc and shaft as well as in accurate construction standards. Our products are effective and economic solution in process control applications.


  • Longer service life
  • Efficient performance
  • Smooth finish
  • Robust construction

SS Dampers

SS Dampers offered can be made available by us in different diameter options of DN40 to DN250 as well as in pressure ratings of up to 1.6Mpa. These dampers are suitable for use with sewage, fresh water, weak acid and other liquid fluids. Some of its features include available in working temperature range of 20 to 135 degrees; choice of different body finishes like grey cast iron, cast steel and others; light weight and easy to maintain; compact structure finish; allows for quick 90 degree on-off operations; allows for perfect sealing support without leakages; product made to undergo pressure test as per industry standards for flawless performance.