Manual Damper

We Supply Our Damper Various Types Of Operation.

Lever Operated Damper

Lever Operated Scale type Damper

Chain Pulley wheel Operated Damper

Worm Gear Box Operated Damper

Control Damper

We have expertise in manufacturing of all type of Actuator operated dampers for HVAC AUTOMATION & Industrial Process Application.

Pneumatic Actuator Operated Damper

Positioned Actuator Operated Damper

Electric Actuator Operated Damper

Motor Operated Damper

Motorized Damper

Motorized Dampers

With our rich industry experience, we manufacture, exporter trader and supply a supreme quality range of Motorized Damper. Used for flow control system, the offered damper is manufactured by our experienced professionals using high grade raw material with the help of latest technology. Also, it is used to cut off central air conditioning. ThisMotorized Damper is available in varied technical specifications as per the need of our clients at pocket friendly prices.


  • Consistent performance
  • Robust construction
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdiness

Pneumatic Isolation Dampers

We are widely acknowledged for offering the best-in-class Pneumatic Isolation Dampers.Conforming to the defined parameters of the industry, these offered products are able to meet application as process control device. These offered dampers are provided with options of base rollers for mechanical as well as pneumatic/hydraulic sliding applications. Along with this, these offered products are able to meet application of in pre-spinning isolation, duct air as well as modulating service applications. These are also used for stack isolation where the dampers are applied to protect as well as reduce heat loss from boiler, exhaust system other working elements.


  • Made of high-grade stainless steel and mild steel
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Anti abrasive finish
  • Optimal mechanical strength Ask for Price

Pneumatic Regulating Dampers

Our esteemed clients can avail from us commendable Pneumatic Regulating Dampers at an economical price. These offered products are manufactured by making use of high-grade basic material, procured from the accredited vendors of the industry. Our precision engineered products find application in regulating, isolating as well as distributing low pressure and high temperature gases for use in steel plants, power plants, co-generation systems and other similar areas. Along with this, to cater to the diversified demands of the clients, we offer these products available in different specifications.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Anti abrasive finish
  • Optimal mechanical strength

Pneumatic Dampers

Clients can avail from us the best-in-class Pneumatic Dampers. Designed to excellence, these offered products are available with solenoid values/ limit switch and cylinders which ensure efficient functionality standards. Further, these products are provided with high performance damper seals that are available in different material choices like FPM, PTFE, NBR, FKM to give precision sealing in involved process as demanded by the customers. Base rollers are provided to deliver smooth handling. Further, their housing of high grade stainless steel and mild steel also make these to deliver consistent performance for long time periods.

Salient features: 

  • Longer service life
  • Robust construction
  • Efficient performance
  • Resistance against corrosion

Fire Damper

Fire dampers are passive fire protection products used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts to prevent the spread of fire inside the ductwork through fire-resistance rated walls and floors. Fire/smoke dampers are similar to fire dampers in fire resistance rating, and also prevent the spread of smoke inside the ducts. When a rise in temperature occurs, the fire damper closes, usually activated by a thermal element which melts at temperatures higher than ambient but low enough to indicate the presence of a fire, allowing springs to close the damper blades. Fire dampers can also close following receipt of an electrical signal from a fire alarm system utilising detectors remote from the damper, indicating the sensing of heat or smoke in the building occupied spaces or in the HVAC duct system.

Regulations and fire test regimes vary from one country to another, which can result in different designs and applications.

FireShield Damper CE Marked Damper

Fire Shield CE Damper

CE Marked 'E' Rated Fire dampers used to prevent spread of fire maintaining compartmentation

Dimensions :

  • For Ducts 100 - 1250mm wide by 1000mm high or Ducts
  • 100mm - 1000mm diameter

Features :

  • CE marked fulfilling the requirements of EN 15650
  • Approved by LPCB and conforms to LPS1162 issue 4
  • Fire tested to EN 1366-2
  • Classified to EN 13501-3
  • Corrosion tested to EN60068-2-52
  • Tested Installation Method to suit Concrete/ Masonry Floors & Walls and Dry Walls
  • Unique Self-Latching & removable thermal release mechanism cassette tested to ISO 10294-4
  • Easy Single Handed Reset
  • ASFP Grey book listed

Description :

The Actionair FireShield range of quality engineered dampers are suitable for air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Following the introduction of the new Construction Products Regulation (CPR) on the 1st July 2013

Actionair, a brand of Ruskin Air Management Limited, offer a comprehensive range of CE marked fire dampers together with approved installation methods.

Under the CPR, manufacturers of construction products which are covered by harmonised European standards (hENs) are required to affix the CE mark and make a Declaration of Performance (DoP) for their products.

CE marked fire dampers must fully comply with the product standards: EN 15650:2010 Ventilation for Buildings - Fire Dampers and compliance is verified through assessment by a "Notified Body".

Construction :

The Type 1.4016 (430) Ferritic Stainless Steel folding blade curtain, providing maximum strength, form a fire shield. The wide profile blades maximise the damper free area and ensure compact grouping to minimise blade stacking height.

Optional blade construction Type 1.4401 (316) Austenitic Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel Closure Springs

Stainless Steel constant tension springs are fitted and positioned out of the airstream to close and latch the damper, regardless of vertical or horizontal operation.

Spigotted Casing

The spigotted casing with continuously welded corners and spigot connections, makes these dampers suitable for inclusion into air distribution systems to the test methods of Eurovent Class A, B & C and HVCA Ductwork specification DW144.

These galvanised casings are manufactured with either Square, Rectangular, Circular or Flat Oval duct connections.

As an option, casings can be manufactured in Type 1.4016 (430) Ferritic or Type 1.4401 (316) Austenitic Stainless Steel.

Specification :

Fire Shield, CE Marked 'E? Rated Fire Dampers with stainless steel folding curtain housed within a galvanised steel outer casing with continuously welded corners and spigot connections comply with DW 144 class A B and C. The Fire Dampers to include a release cassette with memory metal spring, which will release the damper at 72 dec C, the cassette shall also be self-latching reset. Fitted with an external visual indication of the damper curtain.

Fire dampers shall comply with EN 15650 fire tested to BS EN 1366-2 classified to EN 13501-3. Dampers shall be approved by the LPCB certification scheme.

Fire dampers to be complete with factory fitted appropriate installation system, suitable for masonry wall, concrete floor or dry wall partition. (as specified)

Fire dampers to be type Fire/Shield as manufactured by Actionair.

Fire/Shield Dampers are designed for application in normal dry filtered air systems. If exposed to fresh air intakes and/or inclement conditions the damper should be subject to a planned inspection programme. Any specialists and/or aggressive applications (e.g. swimming pools) may invalidate our warranty, please refer to Actionair Sales Office.

All Fire/Shield Dampers should be tested by competent persons on completion of the installation and at regular intervals not exceeding two years.

Rotary Combustion Actuator/ Damper Actuator

The economical rotary-action cair com series actuator is the right choice for lower torque, lighter duty applications. For an explanation of what the model number means, click the image at the right.

Key Specifications

  • Torque Rating: 25 to 300 Lb/In
  • Timing: 15 to 240 Seconds
  • Fixed Stroke, 90° and 160° Dual on Some Models
  • Choice of Two-Position, 4-20 mA, or Position Proportional Input
  • Ambient Temperature Rating from -20° to 150°F
  • Two End-of-Travel Limit Switches Standard


Reversing, proportional motors used to drive burner firing rate valves, dampers or auxiliary equipment. Replace M941A,C,D motors.


  • Designed for flame safeguard applications in commercial/industrial
    oil or gas burner system.
  • Vibration resistant electronic drive circuit.
  • Regulated by three-wire proportional controller.
  • Stroke is field-adjustable to 90 or 160 degrees.

Product Specifications

Item Type Product

  • Frequency 50 Hz; 60 Hz
  • Supply Voltage 24 Vac
  • Power Consumption 15 W
  • Timing 90 degree stroke-- 30 seconds, 160 degree stroke-- 60 seconds
  • Ambient Temperature (F) -40 F to +150 F
  • Ambient Temperature(C) -40 C to +66 C
  • Switch Ratings At 120 Vac-- 7.2 AFL, 43.2 ALR, 40 VA pilot duty opposite contact;
                                                                  At 240 Vac-- 3.6 AFL, 21.6 ALR, 40 VA pilot duty opposite contact
  • Input Signal 135 ohm
  • Stroke Adjustable 90 to 160 degrees, Symmetrical
  • Shaft Dimensions (in.) double-ended, 3/8 in. square
  • Torque Rating (lb-in.) 150 lb-in.
  • Torque Rating (Nm) 17 Nm
  • Factory Stroke Setting 160 degrees

Shaft Dimensions (mm) double-ended, 9.5 mm square

Deadweight Load on Shaft Either End-- 200 lb (300 lb combined power and auxiliary shafts); 90.8 kg (136 kg combined power and auxiliary shafts)


  • MS4604F1010/U Fast-acting, two-position actuator with 30 lb-in., spring return
  • MS4604F1210/U Fast-acting, two-position actuator with 30 lb-in., 2 aux. switches, spring return
  • MS4709F1014 Fast-acting, two-position actuator with 80 lb-in., CW spring return
  • S20230-F Two-Position, SPST Actuator 175 lb-in, Spring Return 230 Vac ±-10%, Europe
  • MS4620F1005 / MS4620F1203 Fast-acting, two-position actuator with 175 lb-in., 20 Nm spring return and 230 Vac
  • ML6161A2009 SPDT floating actuator with 35 lb-in and non-spring return
  • ML6194C1000 Floating, SPDT Actuator - 300 lb-in
  • M6285A1005-S/U, M6286G1001/U , M6285F1001-F/U , M6285C1001/U , M6285C1001-S/U,
  • M6285A4009/U, M6285A4009-S/U, M6285A1047/U , M6285A1013/U M6285A1005/U,
  • 7285A1003/U, M7285A1045/U, M7285C1009/U, M7285Q1008/U MS8105W1030
  • M7285Q1024/U 60 lb-in, SR Actuator, 4-20mA control, 2 Aux. Switches, 24V
  • 60 lb-in, SR, Floating with non-linear feedback for slaving Series 90, 24V
  • M8185D1006/U 60 lb-in, SR Actuator, Two Position, Low Voltage, 24V
  • M4185A1001/U 120V Spring Return Actuator 60 lb-in.
  • M4185B1009/U 60 lb-in, Spring Return, Two Position, Line Voltage, 120V 120V Spring Return Actuator 60 lb-in.
  • M4185B1058/U 60 lb-in, Spring Return, Two Position, Line Voltage, 1 Aux.Switch, 120V 24/120/230V Sprg Rtrn Actuator 60 lb-in
  • M4185C1007/U 60 lb-in, Spring Return, Two Position, Line Voltage, 1 Aux.Switch, 24/120/230V 120V Spring Return Actuator 60 lb-in.
  • M4185E4006/U 60 lb-in, Spring Return, Two Position, Line Voltage, 2 Aux.Switches, 120V 24/120/230V Sprg Rtrn Actuator 60 lb-in
  • M4185E4014/U  60 lb-in, Spring Return, Two Position, Line Voltage, 1 Aux.Switch, 24/120/230V 120V Spring Return Actuator 60 lb-in.
  • DM7600A1005/U Single Blade Round Damper for use with Integral actuator ML7161A2008
  • Modulating Floating 24 Vac/dc NSR
  • Non-Spring return modulating/floating direct coupled actuator [44 lb-in (5 Nm)]
  • ML7161A2008/B 2-10 Vdc, 4-20 mA Actuator with 35 lb-in., non-spring return, 24 Vac ±20%


Spring Return Damper Actuators :- EF Series AF Series NF Series

Electronic Fail-Safe Damper Actuators:- EF Series AF Series NF Series

Fire and Smoke Damper Actuators:-FSAF Series, FSNF Series FSLF Series FSTF Series

Non-Spring Return Actuators:-GM Series AMQ Series NM Series AM Series NMQ Series LM Series LMQ Series CMB Series LHQ Series