Open Channel Gate Valve

An open channel gate valve in which the gate blade is slidably received in parallel grooves in a frame. The gate blade carries a sealing member of truncated V-shape, which engages a seat of truncated V-shape provided on the frame. Both the seat and sealing member are disposed in axially offset relation to the plane of the gate blade.

This invention relates to a valve for use in an open channel, and particularly a gate type open channel valve.

Some prior valves of this type have been provided with an elastomer seal to attain a tighter or better seal than attained with a plain gate. Plasti-Fab, Inc., of Tualatin, Oreg., has produced several versions of this kind of valve. In one form, the seal is mounted on the frame and engages the gate for its full travel. In another form, the seal is mounted on the gate, for full-travel seat contact.

Rodney Hunt Company manufactures a sluice gate called the "Glydaseal", purportedly under license from Ham Baker, Ltd., in which the gate has bonded to it a neoprene seal which faces in the direction of the flow axis. A mechanism, comprising a set of guide bars on the frame, engages and guides the movement of the gate and functions to wedge it against a PVC seat on the frame when the gate is closed. Adjustment of the tightness of the seal can be achieved by adjustment of the position of the guide bars toward and away from the seat.

Many prior low-leakage gate valves require machining operations, particularly on the seats. These operations are time-consuming and expensive.

    These gates are embedded / wall mounted / fixed in between two parallel walls of an open channel or mounted at the end of an open channel to isolate flow within as well as out of an open channel. These are suitable for seating / unseating water head up to the height of shutter / gate / disc
  • MOUNTING :Wall mounted / Channel mounted / Channel embedded.
  • SIZES (W X H) :
    From 150×150 mm (6"x6") up to 3000×5000 mm (125"x200") Wall mounted / Channel mounted / Channel embedded.
  • SEALING :Metallic / Nonmetallic
  • WATER HEAD : Up to -50 TO 600° C
  • ACTUATION : Up to door depth seating.
  • End Connection Manual, Gear, Pneumatic, Electric